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For Prostate Health

Frontier MASQ is a combination of several powerful phytoestrogen sources (Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Lignans) is far more effective than only one source. Frontier MASQ is mainly used to improve prostate health and prevent prostate enlargement (BPH, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia).

Package Details: 3g X 30 Sachets

01. What is BPH,Benign Prostate Hyperplasia:

BPH, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia is non-malignant prostate enlargement (prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system). One of the factors that contribute to BPH is the increase ratio of androgen and estrogen. As the prostate enlarges, it presses against the urethra and bladder. The bladder begins to contract even when it contains small amounts of urine, causing more frequent urination especially at night. BPH also leads to hesitant, interrupted and weak stream in urination as well as increasing urgency and leaking or dribbling.

02. Features & Benefits:

  • Improve prostate health and prevent prostate enlargement.

Saw Palmetto is the star of the show when it comes to relief from BPH.Saw Palmetto has been studied, tested and researched extensively since 1982. One study reported in Current Therapeutic Research. The researchers conducted a three month trial with 505 patients who had mild to moderate symptoms of BPH. They took 160mg of Saw Palmetto twice a day. At the end of only 45 days, most taking Saw Palmetto experienced significant improvement.

  • Increase potency and efficacy of sperms

Zinc is an integral part of the male hormonal system, and a primary part of the semen. It plays a major role in the production of sperm. Studies also reveal that Zinc deficiency may be the cause of Prostate Enlargement. Prostate tissues are highly dependent on Zinc to maintain its health and integrity. Zinc increases sperm motility.

03. Recommended for:

  • Men who are over 40 years old (this age group is prone to prostate problems).
  • For those individuals with early stage of prostate enlargement.
  • For those individuals who wish to prevent prostate enlargement.
  • For those individuals who desire to increase potency and efficacy of sperms for better sexual life or productivity.

04. Recommended Usage:

  • Mix one sachet in room temperature water or any nutritious drinks.
  • To be taken at any time of the day, with or without food.

05. Recommendations for BPH:

  • Choosing the right supplement for your needs as a prevention
  • Take Saw Palmetto combined with extracts etc: pumpkin seed, pygeum. Individually each plant extract is known to be effective and each has a slightly different mechanism of action. When combined, they produce far better results.
    Have a regular check up with Doctor
  • Based on your individual health conditions, your doctor will determine which tests you should have, and how often to have them.
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