USEFUL LINK Stingless Bee Honey, the Natural Wound Healer: A Review Stingless bee honey, a novel source of trehalulose: a biologically active disaccharide with health benefits The Sweet Science of Honey Stingless bee honey and its potential value: A systematic review The health benefits and uses of manuka honey A unique health resort in Asia, located in Malacca, Malaysia. The Orchard resort is tucked away on private land, surrounded by 128 acres of lush green flora, walking trails, cool hills and a huge tropical farm with more than 400 types of tropical fruit. The best hotel in Melaka, located on the vibrant streets of Jalan Merdeka. The strategic location of our hotel means Melaka’s best tourist attractions, historical sites, shopping and entertainment are all within easy walking distance. Smart home & business protection. Your trusted security partner