(D1) Clover Honey – 250g

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🐝 A sweet, mild honey from clover and pasture flowers.
– Brand: DownUnder Honey
– Weight: 250g
– Origin: New Zealand
– 100% authentic and pure honey. NO artificial colouring, preservative or flavouring

🐝 Clover Honey comes from the flowers of the white clover and is regarded by beekeepers worldwide to be the best type of honey. It is a healthy source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in antioxidants.
• Repairs and protects digestive system
• Powerful antioxidant properties
• Reduces risk of coronary heart disease
• Great source of energy and increase stamina
• Can apply on face to calm redness and reduce acnes
• Suitable for preggie, toddler, kids, and diabetic consumer also.

🩺 There is research indicates honey would helps in recover the patient of these sickness :
a) High blood pressure
b) Weak heart
c) Anemia
d) Infection
e) Urinary tract disorders
f) Constipation
g) Digestive system
h) Respiratory tract problems include chronic cough
i) Gastritis
j) Mental disorders; headaches and seizures
k) A variety of skin health problems such as boils and burns
l) Removes phlegm on smoker

🥣 How can Clover Honey be a part of your meals?
• As a regular sweetener in tea, coffee, etc. instead of sugar to avoid excessive calories
• It’s used in baking – Just a half or maximum of 2/3rdquantity of sugar you use in your recipe.
• Consumed in breakfasts, like drizzling few drops of clover honey on granola, muesli & fruits
• Salad can be dressed with clover honey along with mustard
• Can be mixed with yogurt to get a delicious taste
• It can be spread on the toast in replacement of the jam or marmalade
• Pouring clover honey over popcorns can make it extra delicious, tastier than the ones you have in the cinema
• Can be used along with soy and chili sauce to make the stir fry items even more delicious.

❤️ DownUnder Honey is a family owned and operated business in the Manawatu, near Cheltenham, New Zealand. We operate hives on over 100 sites in partnership with local landowners and farmers. ​We extract the honey from our beehives and for local beekeepers in our modern premises, under a registered NZ Food Safety Risk Management Programme (RMP) based on HACCP principals.

​The bees are sited in different areas to collect honey from flowers of different types, from farmland where they gather Clover nectar, to native bush and mānuka in remote forests.


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