(B1) Premium Rosensky Stingless Bee Honey (APICALIS) – 60ml

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Premium Rosensky Stingless Bee Honey

An exceptional honey harvested naturally from the stingless Apicalis species of bees. 100% Natural, Original, Pure Honey. No addictives or colouring or sugar are added. This honey has sweet sour fruity taste that people love.

What makes stingless bee honey more valuable than normal honey? Many research indicates that Stingless bee honey is considered to be the most nutritious honey than other honey varieties, many health benefits, nutrient-rich constituent, and extremely high antibacterial resistance are other characteristics that distinguish these species from the others. Stingless honey bees exist in most parts of the world. These bees are much smaller than the usual honey bees and each of them is not bigger than 5 mm. One of a unique feature of these honey bees is that they are not stingers. Thus, stingless bee honey, especially Apicalis Bee Honey that known as a rare, limited and precious premium honey that you should try out!


It is recommended that you take one(1) teaspoon of Kelulut honey daily, in the morning on an empty stomach as a healthy regime in maintaining good health. For therapeutic purposes, it is recommended that you take 1(one) tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach and 1(one) teaspoon before bedtime.If you want to mix it into water, please do not mix with HOT water but warm water because it will destroy the benefits of the Kelulut honey.


Keep in dry place at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight or heat.

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