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Downunder's Honey Gem Selection Pack

Unlock the flavors of Downunder with our exclusive bundle, carefully curated to bring you the best of New Zealand’s honey treasures!

The bundle includes the below:

Manuka Honey Lozenges MGO 125 – Pack of 16 (44.8g)

Experience the soothing power of Manuka honey in a convenient lozenge form. Each pack contains 16 lozenges, packed with the natural goodness of Manuka honey with an MGO rating of 125. Enjoy relief for your throat and savor the benefits of this exceptional honey, known for its antibacterial properties and immune-boosting potential. A tasty way to wellness.

Rosensky Itama Stingless Bee Honey (30ml)

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Rosensky Itama Stingless Bee Honey by The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort. This 30ml bottle holds the essence of stingless bees’ nectar, offering a unique flavor profile with floral notes and a smooth texture. Not just a delight for your palate, this honey is rich in antioxidants and may support overall well-being. Elevate your culinary creations or simply savor it for its unparalleled taste.

Rewarewa Bush Honey (250g)

Delve into the untamed beauty of Rewarewa Bush Honey, sourced from New Zealand’s pristine forests. In a 250g jar, you’ll find honey that encapsulates the essence of the wilderness. With a distinctive, aromatic flavor, this honey is not just a treat for your taste buds; it may also provide health benefits. Incorporate it into your breakfast or pair it with cheese for a delicious journey through New Zealand’s natural landscapes.

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