(C1) Beech Honeydew – 500g squeeze

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Beechforest Honeydew honey is a naturally runny honey. From the beech forests in the South Island of New Zealand, there is an aphid that eats the sap on the bark for protein building blocks, amino acids and then secretes a sugar-like substance on the trees. This sparkles in the sunlight, giving it the name “honeydew”. The bees love feeding on the honeydew.


Beechforest Honeydew has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all New Zealand honeys. It also contains Oligosaccharides (a prebiotic), which are helpful in maintaining and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut, particularly after treatment with antibiotics. Another wellness benefit of Beechforest Honeydew is its very high levels of Glucose Oxidase activity, giving it a high degree of antibacterial activity.


This honey has a strong malty flavour and aroma


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