1. Who is eligible to sign up?

This programme is open to any individual aged 18 years and above or any Corporate Booker

2. As a travel agency, am I eligible to enroll in this program?

Travel agencies & Online Booking Centres are NOT eligible to sign-up for this programme

3. How do I apply?

Complete your enrolment form at https://forms.office.com/r/9M2LmSkDne

4. Can I apply for more than 1 account?

No, members are not allowed to hold more than one active account.

5. How long is the application process?

5 – 7 working days

6. How can I claim my benefits?

You can claim your benefits during your stay at either Imperial Heritage Hotel/ The Orchard Wellness Resort. Please present this Verification document (either via your phone/ printed form) & your Malaysian Identity Card/Passport to our officer at the respective counter.

Alternatively, you can also claim your benefits online. Please contact us at ceo@orchardwellness.com and provide the following details 3 working days in advance: your Full Name (as per Malaysian Identity Card/Passport), Member ID, Malaysian Identity Card/ Passport number, Email Address, Contact Number.

Please visit https://manukaandrosenskyhoney.com/loyalty-program-terms-and-conditions/ for more information.

7. Under what circumstances will the management revoke my membership?

i) Member’s violation of these Terms and Conditions.

ii) Member’s misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Program.

iii) Member’s violation of any national, regional, or local law or regulation in connection with the use of membership privileges.

iv) Member’s failure to provide and maintain valid contact information.

v) Member maintaining more than one active account.

vi) Member’s failure to pay for hotel charges and/or any expenses incurred during a Member’s Stay, including if such failure to pay is the result of a member’s check being returned for insufficient funds or being invalid for any reason.

vii) Program violations (including but not limited to the sale or use of Rosensky Preferred status benefits for commercial gain), suspected fraud, or abuse in relation to promotions or mileage credit is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate

Please visit https://manukaandrosenskyhoney.com/loyalty-program-terms-and-conditions/ for more information.

8. Can I convert my benefits into cash?

No, all membership benefits are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

9. Is it possible to transfer my membership to my spouse or children?

No, your membership is strictly non-transferable.